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Series Premiere September 7th

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A Perennial Winner for 25 Years

You will receive the selections that Krackman bets. These include but are not limited to mainstream sports such as:
1) Professional and college football
2) Professional and college basketball
3) Baseball
4) Soccer
5) PGA (golf head to head matchups)
6) Boxing and MMA
In some of these events, betting limits may be lower. But wherever there is value and we have an edge, Krackman will be betting.

Krackman Makes A Play

What To Expect

With every pick released, you will receive an email or text anytime Krackman receives breaking information. He will inform you in real time when to act. Preplanned emails to clients are a hallmark that you are not receiving pertinent, up-to-the-minute information.

Expect to receive a couple or more recommendations a day. All bet sizes are one unit, unless otherwise specified.

No write ups or analysis! Krackman will just provide games to bet, shared via rotation numbers or team names along with the odds.

And finally, you will receive a personal phone call from Krackman to welcome you aboard.

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